Stress and consequences for ship crews

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logo zfamStress and consequences for ship crews as a result of rescue operations of refugees on the high seas

Over the last years and epically in the first half-year of 2015 the situation in the Mediterranean Sea regarding the number of refugees increased. Merchant vessels are more frequently part of rescue operations. These operations are deviations from the routine work on board and the ships are often not suitable for the rescue and accommodation of a multitude of refugees. Therefore these situations are potentially traumatic for you - the seafarers.

We need your experiences and impressions you made in these situations to gather information about the actual situation and the perception of seafarers. Through analyzing this information we will be able to support the different assistance services and the shipping companies. This will help to enhance the provisions for refugee rescue operations as well as the personal preparation of every seafarer for such operations. The assistance services will get the information, which will help them to organize their work and help for stressed seafarers after experiencing difficult situations on board their ships.

Seamen can fill in the questionnaire in the Seamen's Clubs of the German Seamen's Mission (as well as in a lot of other Club of ICMA-Menbers). Just ask the staff.