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The commission for German Protestant Seamen Mission in Berlin debate in year 1909 with the Protestant Consistory Berlin about a Seamen`s Mission in Santos. The commission offers 1.000 Mark per year for the salary of a pastor, sent by the Protestant Consistory. In 1911 they send Vicar Gustav Heidenreich from Stuttgart to Brazil.

With him, the work of the seamen's home and the seamen's mission starts at 26. February 1912.


(extract of the first side)

In March 1916 this bylaws are fixed:

Bylaws of
German Seamen's Home Association

1) The German Seamen's Home Association intends to offer a comfortable domicile for seafarers during their stay in Santos.

2) The association is based in Santos.

3)Members of the association are all persons that pay an annual contribution. Members, that leave Santos can notify their temporary leaving in written form to the directors, otherwise they are required to pay their annual dues.

In 1918 Gustav Heidenreich is succeed by pastor Hartmann. After two years W. Schmidt takes over the function of the seamen's mission pastor in Santos for five years. On 1925 follows Pastor Hahn.

A letter of Pastor Hahn (1926):

"To the German seafarers:

Herewith you are cordially invited to visit the German Seamen's Home during your stay in Santos. It's in Rua Dr. Cochrane Nr. 66, which street ends at the harbor-storehouse- shelter Nr. 10.

In the rooms of the seamen's home you find German newspapers, light fiction and parlor games, just as a piano.

Soft drinks are sold at cost price. Possibility to write is available.

The cards enclosed I beg to hand out to your colleagues.

The administrator of the seamen's home

HAHN,  Pastor"


German Seamen's Home in Santos

Rua Dr. Cochrane, 66

This street ends at harbor-storehouse-shelter Nr. 10.

Daily opened from 3 to 10 pm.



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