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Pastor Hahn's report about the German Seamen's home in Santos of 12. May 1930:

"The Seamen's home came up to it's responsibilities in year 1929 in the same way like in previous years. A number of seafarers constantly followed the invitation to visit our home. The opportunity to take reading material on board was particularly popular. We are very grateful to the German colony in Santos and the office of German Protestant Seamen's Mission in Altona for opulent donations of magazines and books that made it possible for us to satisfy the seafarers' wishes in this regard. In order to arrange the stay in the home more comfortable, small acquirements and renovations were took in hand in reporting year: more pictures, new table-clothes, the chairs were fixed and suchlike more. Thereby the home definitively won more amiability. (.) Because the celebration of two ceremonies found general approval, the directorate decided at the undersigned's suggestion, to organize again two ceremonies in Christmas time, and that the first one at Christmas Eve and the second one at Saturday, 28 February. Because two ships were in the harbor and also the crews of the damaged steamship Denderah and of seagoing tug Seefalke turned up, both festivities were quite well attended. (.)

Now there are still a few things left to tell about the financial circumstances of our association: Preparing our budget we always expected the usual financial aid of the German empire of 500 Mark. We couldn't expect that our request concerning this matter of 21 May 1928 remained unsuccessfully. (.) But although we didn't received no aid money in the year 1928, we are kind of indemnified by getting granted the aid money for year 1929 in full amount of a loan in spite of the empire's tough financial situation. We expect our budget to be stable with this money. (.)

HAHN, Pastor

Head of Seamen's Mission"


(Statistic 1929) costs of the station in year 1929: RM ___

thereof  covered

- through own gains (lodging, rent etc)RM ----

- aid of public funds RM 500.-

- contributions of navy circles RM 1500.-

- gifts parcel membership dues RM 900.-

Value of the property ? RM

Comments: __________


To the German Seamen's Home

Mr. Pastor Hahn,



With gladness I can inform you, that in spite of the bad financial state of the empire, which takes concessions at all sectors, we could obtain the same amount of money (500.-) for the local seamen's home on yesterday's division of financial aids of the empire.

Sincerely yours!

W. Thun

(W.Thun is business manager of the professional association German Seamen's Mission from 1923 to 1952)



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