Donations for the work in Santos

Pastor Adelar Schünke and all seafarers will be very gratefull for your support to the work of the German Seamen's Mission in Santos.

Select one or more donations items and we assure you that your help will be used for the desired purpose in Santos, Brazil.

You can pay conveniently using PayPal, by bank transfer or credit card. Thanks for your help!



Diesel for our Mercedes Van

santos spende diesel The Seamen's Mission Santos runs recently with diesel. This is not cheap. A full tank will cost 50.00 € for our Mercedes Van. The bus is in daily use among Seafarer’s Club and Harbor roads. Our transport is very important because some port areas are far and quite dangerous for seafarers. Help us with a full tank, and so we can transport seafarers for free and safe!
Euro 50.00



Folders, maps and bibels

santos spende flyer

Folders, fliers, leaflets, maps, calendars, information about sexual transmitted disease, newsletters, bibles and books are very necessary and required by seafarers. You can help us to print and provide it for all seafarers who are coming to Santos Port.

Please help us and buy a packet for € 5,00

Euro 5.00





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